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Sushi Roku combines the finest, freshest fish from pristine waters around the globe with the kind of artistry that can only be provided by a mature sushi chef ensuring superlative traditional sushi, together with a splash of California innovation. Sushi Roku is a pioneer of contemporary sushi, incorporating diverse, non-traditional ingredients from Latin America (e.g. jalapeños) and Europe (e.g. olive oil) into its edible works of art.

This unique culinary experience that bridges past and present is the result of an eagerness to embrace new ideas and a profound respect for tradition. Sushi Roku’s bold and diverse menu also offers an array of hot and cold specialty appetizers and an extensive selection of exotic entrées.

About IDG

For more than 20 years, Innovative Dining Group (IDG) has transformed traditional dining concepts to create contemporary, awe-inspiring restaurants. Our mission is to craft elevated dining experiences anchored in innovative cuisine, impeccable style, seductive ambiance and first-class service. It’s the attention to detail that attracts guests – including A-listers and tastemakers – from around the world.

Our legendary restaurants are in premier destinations, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, Scottsdale and Chicago. Internationally, the IDG vision comes to life in four licensed concepts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our sought-after steakhouses and Asian restaurants feature stylish dining rooms and sleek cocktail lounges as well as patios overlooking unforgettable sights, including the Pacific Ocean, the Sunset Strip and the Las Vegas Strip.

At each location, IDG’s celebrated culinary talent and ambiance mesmerize guests and critics alike. Our chefs craft mouthwatering dishes that highlight the ingredients’ quality, freshness and beauty. Each dish is artistically prepared and complemented by a distinctively vibrant, striking atmosphere. With passion, dedication and vision, IDG creates dining experiences that truly delight all five senses.